Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mug Shot

See his right ear? THAT'S why he's going to the vet's tonight.

And let me say right now, I feel PRETTY DAMN STUPID taking a cat to the vet's for a case of "Droopy-Ear".

(Actually, a quick glance at that wall calendar also reveals that it's not like I have anything better to do, so there's that ...)

ANYway, his ears have always been messed up, and now that one ear has started to DROOP, and he DOES have a heart murmur, and I swear to GOD, this is how strange I am, I'm all, like, "what if Droopy-Ear is a sign of diminished blood flow due to a worsening heart murmur? WHAT IF he's about to stroke out, and I could have prevented it if I had JUST PAID ATTENTION to the Droopy-Ear Syndrome ..."

Hahahahaha it's a barrel of laughs around my place, guys. Come on over!

So of course I call the vet's, and when I described the Droopy-Ear, the vet tech, instead of laughing and telling me to GET A LIFE, already, is all, "Oh, you'd better bring him in so the vet can take a look at him", because, COME ON, this is how they make their money, off of dipshits like me, so

we are going to the vet's tonight. The Runt with Droopy-Ear, and Little Girl with Scootchy-Butt.



Badass Nature Girl said...

Possible ear infection? Does he shake his head and kind of scratch at it? Keep us posted on what they say! Like I had to tell you that? Not.

rockygrace said...

He used to shake his head (his one ear canal was pretty much clogged up), but then the vet put him on ear drops, and things seemed to be clearing up, until El Droopy Ear came along.

Badass Nature Girl said...

poor guy :o( I've made a post for you on my blog. Hopefully it will make you smile.

rockygrace said...

Oh, and the vet was hesitating to clean the ear out because she would have to put him out to do it and she was kinda waiting until he needed his teeth cleaned or something, so then she could do everything at once.

Fun fact! The Runt also has extra teeth, like shark teeth.

Let's fact it, he's an alien.

rockygrace said...

Looks like our comments crossed - I'll head over there right now!