Sunday, April 17, 2011


Oh howdy! Here I am, at the office on Palm Sunday. Is fun! For the paycheck, anyway.

I went to Target yesterday, where I hardly ever go, to pick up one item. Which I found. And then -

oh! But first I have to ask - Is the Target store-brand honey-almond low-fat yogurt any good? I wasn't planning on buying yogurt, really, but I got looking at that yogurt, and I thought, hmm, honey-almond could go either way - it could taste really good or really odd, but in the end, I went ahead and bought six things of it. So! I haven't tried it yet - Is it good or bad?

And then! I wandered into the home area, looking for a bath rug, and instead I found the prettiest bath towel in the woorrrrllllddddd. Seriously, this towel is gorgeous - it's got swallows and flowering trees on it. And they only had one left.

And it was $9.99, which is about four times what I would usually pay for a towel, but - so pretty! I bought it. The last one. hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

Oh! But they still have one hand towel and one washcloth left. But! The hand towel is $7.99 and the washcloth is $5.99, which is SO FAR out of my normal spending on towels it's insane. But I may go back and see if they're still there. I checked online, and they're not on the web site, so this is my last chance.

So! Here I sit, feeling guilty about spending too much money on towels. But you know what? When I got home yesterday, and took that towel out of the bag and unfolded it, it was so dang pretty that I got out my hammer and some nails and hung that towel right on the living room wall. Like a tapestry.

It's very pretty.


Badass Nature Girl said...

I think that you deserve the joy that towel brings you when you see it, and it's a very small pricetag for a bit of joy, if you ask me.

rockygrace said...

You know, ten bucks is actually pretty CHEAP for a big-ass wall hanging, now that I think about it. I'm, like, SAVING money, here!

Badass Nature Girl said...

(thumbs up!)