Friday, April 15, 2011

Maybe he's ... an alien?

I'm beginning to think that The Runt may not be a cat at all. I'm beginning to think he's an alien from another planet.

First off, just look at his baby pictures. He doesn't look like a cat at all - he looks like some kind of mutant alien baby:

Add to that the fact that he's got an extra row of teeth, that he stares at the ceiling all the time, that he has a heart murmur ... maybe instead of a heart, he's got some kind of alien engine? Because just look at his new best friend:

See that car? See The Runt up on the windshield, HUGGING THE CAR? He's all, "are you my mommy?"

Does he hang out on his nice soft cat bed? No. On the couch? No. On the nine kabillion kitty-resting-places in the house? NO. He cuddles with the car.

Here's another look:

"I love you, Miss Kia."

Poor guy. He thinks he's found the mothership, and if he justs waits long enough, it'll beam him up to his home planet.

Aw, Runt. I hope you'll stay here with me for a while.


Zella said...

Priceless :)

Badass Nature Girl said...

Car hugs: maybe it's warm? Maybe he likes the color? (are cats color blind???)

As for the other things, especially staring at the ceiling: Hubby said that maybe he hears a mouse in the attic, which would kind of go along with the bat in the attic idea the vet had. Other than that, and please don't take this wrong, maybe he' some....special needs? My son used to stare at the ceiling corners when he was a baby and just smile, and he's got Asperger's. Maybe there's a cat form of some thing like that?

Alien or not, he's a cutie!

rockygrace said...

I love the idea of a "special-needs" cat. Although, actually, I think that would be just about all of them.

Oh, and I woke up yesterday morning and The Runt was about an inch away from my face, staring at me. Spooky. I hope the aliens aren't telling him to get rid of me.

Badass Nature Girl said...

Ok, I woke up a lot of times with my cat in my face, but she was laying there sleeping, not staring at me. Creepy for sure. Now all of the weird happenings around your house are starting to make sense! Things gone missing, being moved.....