Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's burning question

First off, thanks for all the input on yesterday's post about The Runt. I'm going to wait until his next vet visit, and then ask some more questions and hopefully make an informed decision, although honestly? I really don't see myself paying a grand a year for meds, especially for his particular condition. I think I'll probably go ahead and pop for the ultrasound, just to see what's going on in there, and then go from there. That's the plan right now, anyway. And it makes me feel like a bad pet owner, but maybe I deserve that.

Now! On to lighter fare. What is up with the teeth-veneers on all the reality-show contestants?

I was watching the Biggest Loser last night, which, that one dude who keeps whining is REALLY starting to get on my nerves, and WHY do they drag out the weigh-ins? I mean, I don't watch the show all the time or anything, but anytime they start with the weigh-ins I change the channel, because, COME ON, is there anything more boring than watching people get weighed? Jeez.

What's that? That's the POINT of the damn SHOW, you say? Yeah, well, whatevs. I just want to watch them exercise their guts out, and then watch Rulon cram doritos into his mouth in the middle of the night.

But! I was watching last night, and I noticed what pretty teeth one of the girl contestants had. And hey, that's dudes got great teeth, too! And him, and her, and ...

... veneers. Every single contestant on that show, as far as I can tell, was sportin' a bright shiny set of fake teeth. And now that I think about it, I don't recall any snaggle-teeth on Survivor, either, at least not since that great big farmer dude a few years back. What was his name? The one who got a consolation prize 'cause everybody loved him?

Hmmmm. Let's see. American Idol. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they've all got great teeth, too, not that I've been paying all that much attention this year.

Look, about all I know about veneers is what my hygienist was telling me the other day while she was cleaning my teeth, about how one of HER veneers fell off the other morning and it was a two-hour procedure to get it fixed back on, which leads me to think that they're like ... press-on nails? Maybe?

And I don't know how much they cost, either, except I'm pretty sure that it would be pretty damn expensive to outfit the entire cast of a reality show with them, but then again, those shows are pretty cheap to produce, so ...

... what's my point? Oh yeah, veneers! Do you have them? Would you get them if somebody offered to do it for free? Do you like your teeth?

See, I had braces when I was a kid, so my teeth are pretty straight, except I've got this one canine up top that decided it didn't want to be straight anymore, it wanted to be free! so now I've got a little bit of the snaggletooth going on, but honestly? I think it's kind of cute. It certainly doesn't bother me. And I'm sure that, after I smoked for thirty years, my teeth could be whiter, but then again, it's kind of scary to me when someone smiles and you have to shield your eyes from the glare of their blinding-white teeth. It just looks ... fake. Like veneers!

Oh my God! WHO was that dude on the Carol Burnett show? Lyle Waggoner? Remember him? And every time he smiled, they'd do a fake glint-thing with the camera? I wonder if he had veneers? Whoaaaa ...

I guess I won't be getting any press-on teeth any time soon. Or boob implants, as far as that goes. Or a nose job or a face lift or ... anything. Shoot. I guess I'm stuck with myself.


Badass Nature Girl said...

Well, you probably already know that I am not in love with teeth. I nearly got braces a couple of years ago (actually needed them as a child), but not just for the pretty smile, my teeth were shifting and hurting. But when I couldn't smile, I wanted to, no matter how un-straight my teeth were and now that I can smile again, my priorities are straight instead of my teeth.

rockygrace said...

Rupert! Wasn't that the name of the big dude on Survivor? And come to think of it, I think he was some kind of counselor ... he just LOOKED like a farmer.

Oh, and I guess I just don't know where this thing for "perfect teeth" is coming from - what's wrong with non-perfect teeth? I mean, as long as you brush 'em, right? And they're not, like, scaring small children or anything.

And BNG, your teeth look just fine to me.

Anonymous said...

ok have to admit I watch biggest loser too (while cramming popcorn) and I h-a-t-e the way they drag out the weigh-ins. My teenagers make fun of Alison (sp?) and ask her, "What's that add up to Alison?" "How much does she have to lose, Alison?" and "Oh, you are so smart at math, we'd be lost if you didn't update us every second--NOT" Yeah, it kinda helps.

The blinding white teeth thing is irritating. I hadn't noticed it on the reality shows so I now have an excuse to watch--research!

Badass Nature Girl said...

Trick of the camera, or right angle or some thing, but thanks for saying any how!

Anonymous said...

I hate the dragged-out weigh-ins to. The point of the show is to show people losing weight, but I think most people are with you: we want to see them work out. The scale part of it is for their benefit, not ours. Bo-ring.

I also hate veneers. They look like plastic. Enough said.

Fish Food said...

I don't like my teeth - I was born of the generation where dentists 'drilled and filled' so I have a mouthful of amalgam fillings which are really not attractive.

I broke one of my front teeth when I was a kid so when I was 26 I did get a veneer! Because I grew up with this broken tooth I was never aware of it, but the first dentist I saw when we moved back to Scotland told me I looked "evil" and scared the living daylights out of me.

Got it fixed, smile is now even and hopefully I don't look evil anymore!

rockygrace said...

ha, Fish, a dentist told you you looked "evil"? That's harsh.

Oh, and do the veneers last a lifetime, or do they have to be replaced after a while?

And I took a closer look at Survivor last night, and I'm pretty sure that with the exception of one sweetheart hillbilly dude who didn't look like he had very many teeth LEFT, they were all sporting veneers.