Friday, June 18, 2010

This would probably go in the "What is WRONG with you?" category

First off, ROB, there is TOO a Freaky Friday post; scroll down, yo.

In other news, I just finished that bag of goldfish.

It took me two months, but I worked my way through a bag of goldfish that expired two YEARS ago.

I don't know why; I just did it. They needed to be eaten, and I was there.

Oh, and if you were in my neck of the woods the other night and saw someone on the side of a busy road, diligently digging milkweed out of the ditch, yeah, that was me. And yes, Jess Riley DID send me some milkweed seeds, but sadly, only two of them germinated, so I was ditch-diggin'.

I'm getting ready to leave the office early - The Runt has to go back for a follow-up visit to the vet. Some things I plan on discussing with said vet:

1. Why she charged me $13.10 for ONE OUNCE of iodine the last time we were there. That's a thousand percent markup over the drugstore price.

2. See also: Why she charged me a hundred bucks for six shots of Frontline Plus, when Doctors Foster & Smith are selling the same thing on line for seventy bucks. With free shipping.

3. Why she told me the proper dose of children's benadryl for The Runt would be a 3.5 ml syringe dosage, which, when squirted out into a measuring spoon to make sure you're doing it right, is the SAME DOSE you would give a six- to twelve-year-old child. I don't know how much an average twelve-year-old kid weighs, but I'm pretty sure it's not TEN POUNDS, which is what The Runt weighs. I could've KILLED that poor cat if I hadn't made sure to double-check (and adjust for human-to-pet ratio) the dosage first.

4. Why she never discussed the studies that point to Advantage being a better flea med than Frontline for cats with flea allergy dematitis.

Should be an interesting visit. Have a good weekend, everybody!


~~Silk said...

I had that kind of conversation with a doctor once, and he rolled his eyes and said , "I hate the internet!"

Heather said...

Can't wait to hear what the answers were. I can't believe she said to give so much to a little cat! Glad ya checked it first!