Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Notes from the weekend

On Friday night, I got home from a trip to CrapMart to discover that I had been charged twice for a package of razor blades. Being that razor blades are not cheap*, on Saturday I went back to CrapMart with the razor blades and the receipt, and they actually refunded me the money. They didn't have to; I mean, I had no proof or anything that I hadn't actually bought two packages, but they did. Thanks, CrapMart!

More daisies and ferns in the playing fields next door volunteered for my relocation program and are now residing around the mailbox. See also: Broken wooden bird feeder down by the creek, which is now a planter.

Speaking of the mailbox, I concreted the post in the ground over the weekend so that it'll stop falling over when my niece's boyfriend backs into it. Which ....... oh, crap, that means that the next time he backs into it, it'll probably break in two. Shit. I shoulda thought that through a little more. Too late.

Okay, so I finally watched the finale of Lost. Did I cry at the end? Yes I did. I cried until tears were running down my neck; I sobbed until I choked. You know what did me in? The dog.

Did you know that everybody smokes at the flea market? They do. It's really quite amazing; I wouldn't have been surprised to see a baby or a dog with a cigarette.

There was some kind of drama at my sister TIB's house yesterday involving a missing bowl of macaroni salad. Don't ask me; I wasn't invited to that particular cookout. Not sure why everyone felt I needed status updates.**

Did you know that pileated woodpeckers sound like demented, laughing chickens? They do. Oh, and there was one out back yesterday doing his very finest impression of a choking crow.

The fireflies are back! I never used to see them until July at the old place, but they were flashing like crazy on Saturday night. Welcome back, dudes.

Somehow, with three days off, I still didn't manage to get the lawn mowed. Oops.

So! How was your weekend?

*Razor blade manufacturers price their product using the "polaroid" method. Charge almost nothing for the original product (camera), then charge a frickin' fortune for replacement parts (film). Crude, but effective.

** (ring ring ring) "Hello?" " We found it; it was in the breadbox!" "Um ..... okay?"


Bridgett said...

My weekend was three times the awesome as a regular two-day weekend. We went to two (not one, TWO) Memorial Day parades. We had ice cream. We watched a road race. We had orange sherbet floats. We ate potato salad. We grilled out three times. We went to visit the grave of Chester A. Arthur and wound up locating the grave of the dude who is credited with inventing perforated rolled toilet paper. No shit.

It was pretty much perfect.

Exador said...

I was able to borrow a woodchipper from a guy at aikido, so we spend the weekend pulling up green briar and feeding it into the chipper!

Exciting, huh?

Oh yeah, in between dodging cloud bursts of rain.

On the upside, the formerly-wild area of the backyard is almost domesticated.

rockygrace said...

Bridgett, sounds like you had a fine time.

And Ex, well ..... at least you got a lot accomplished!

Heather said...

I love how the daisies and ferns volunteered! Haha..

We spent two of the three days with the grandkids.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched Lost, but animals always do me in also. It takes quite a bit to get me to cry over human loss or joy, but I can't bring myself to watch Animal Planet for fear of emotional turmoil.

We went to San Francisco Monday just to hang out. Without a real plan, it wasn't too exciting, but it was interesting to check it out. On the way home, we took Hwy 1, which took forever, but it was some interesting scenery. It's surprising how small-towny it gets just outside of San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

rockygrace said...

Kate, yeah, I used to watch "Animal Cops" religiously, but it makes me too sad to watch now. I'm getting soft in my old age.

And San Francisco! Lucky you!