Monday, June 07, 2010

A buck a can

So! Friday night The Runt and I went back to the vet. I'll tell ya, finding that cat and getting him into a carrier to go the the vet's on time, twice in three days, is a miracle akin to the loaves and fishes, but we pulled it off.

The scraping {shudder} wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and he tested negative for mites. The vet is treating for mites anyway, just in case they were all burrowed in when she took the sample. She suggested getting him started on hypo-allergenic cat food (Nutro), mixing it in with his regular stuff to start with, just in case food allergies are the problem.

Oh! And you can give cats benadryl! Who knew?

Saturday morning I was off to the pet store for some hypo-allergenic cat food, and peeps? A BUCK A CAN. Sweet jeezus. I took thirty bucks' worth of canned food, dry food and anti-itch spray home.

The anti-itch spray was a big fail. I sprayed it on, he licked it off. *sigh*. At least his tongue's not itchy. The benadryl worked okay, basically making him sleepy, but I don't know how many times I'll be able to get that stuff in his mouth without him throwing an armed revolt.

It was time to try the food.

I mixed the hypo-allergenic stuff with their regular stuff, fifty-fifty, set it down, and ........ nope. Both cats turned up their noses. Next mealtime, I tried a ninety-ten mix, nine parts old stuff to one part new stuff, and ....... nope. At this point, if there is one molecule of that new food in their bowl, they won't eat it.

What the hell do I do now?

Oh, and The Runt did land a mouse on Sunday, and spent much of the weekend stalking his sister and pouncing on her, so it's not ALL misery around here. Just so you know.


~~Silk said...

Yeah. Jasper won't eat the prescription food for his bladder, either. Not even with catnip, or tuna juice, or garlic sprinkled on it. Sometimes you wish you could reason with them.

Bridgett said...

I was going to counsel pouring stinky fish juice on the whole shebang, but given Silk's experience, maybe not. I think my cat would eat a table leg smeared in tuna juice, but if it's the least bit smooshy, game over. Has to be dry enough to be crunchy.

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, I tried the catnip, and Little Girl pigged out! The Runt, unfortunately, wasn't buyin'. *sigh*

Bridgett, it cracks me up that your cat won't eat anything smooshy. I guess all cats are strange in their own weird ways, aren't they?

Bridgett said...

She is the most habitual animal I've ever lived with. Dry cat food only. 7:50 am, has to have the door opened to go out on the porch. 8:45 pm, time to curl up on the kid's bed for the night. I always thought that cats just did whatever popped into their heads next, but Jane is like a reincarnated German banker.

rockygrace said...

Oh, Bridgett, now I'm picturing your cat looking at her little kitty wristwatch, all, "DAMMIT! I'm late for my nap!"