Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, now I know what I'm NOT doing this weekend ....

Okay, okay, first off, scroll down to see Freaky Friday, if you're so inclined.

Now, a headline from today's local newspaper:

'Renaissance fair with wings' to bring out fairies and elves


The story:

"Fairies, elves and other creatures will gather this weekend in the hamlet of (local town) to celebrate nature's wonders and the magic of imagination. The second annual New York Faerie Festival starts today and will run through Sunday on private land on (insert location here). The family-oriented event offers the opportunity to (blah, blah, blah)."

"It's like a Renaissance fair with wings," said (so-and-so). Everyone at the festival will be dressed up in their best fairy costumes, organizers said."

errrrrrmm ...... "best fairy costumes"? "Faerie Festival"? Renaissance fair with wings?

Put me in a car and point me in the opposite direction, is all I'm sayin'. Sweet Jeezus.

Oh! Oh! And apropos of absolutely nothing, is anyone besides me watching "Raising Sextuplets" on the WE network? The mom seems nice enough, if somewhat vacuous, but the dad .... oh boy. What a jerk! He's just such a .... jerk. The mom does ALL THE WORK taking care of ALL SIX KIDS, PLUS she works a regular job, and if he, like, changes a SINGLE DIAPER he struts around like he deserves a f*cking medal. I just want to punch him.

But then last night, I was watching the episode where the mom and dad go out to dinner, sans kids, and she actually salted his dessert to get him to stop eating it because she wants him to lose weight.

She salted his dessert. I'm not even kidding here. WHO DOES THAT?!

So they're both total jerks. I guess I can stop watching the show now, except I'm still watching Little People, long after Matt Roloff revealed himself to be, basically, the biggest (um .... littlest?) jerk in the Pacific Northwest.

I watch too much tv.

Oh! And in other news, a local garden center is getting ready to close for the season (yes, I DO live in the Frozen North, dammit), and they are having a fifty-percent-off sale.

Oh peeps, how can I resist that? I can't.

Time to dig some more holes ....


Domestic Kate said...

Okay, which comes first: the jerk behavior or the children? I'm going to remember this post the next time someone asks if/when we're going to procreate. Um, I don't want to pass on all my bad habits and destructive behavior to another generation. I'll leave that to everyone else, k?

Domestic Kate said...

P.S. I got your return gift! Thank you! It's lovely.

~~Silk said...

A friend of mine once hosted a FALO (Fantasy and Legends Org. - SCA with wings) gathering. Fairies throw glitter! Everywhere! On everyone! It took her weeks to get all the sparkle dust out of her hair, carpets, upholstery....

If you don't want to itch for days, avoid not only the festival, but all stores that the participants might visit.

Domestic Kate said...

So, when I read the part about the fairy festival, I immediately thought, "I bet i know some people who would be into that." Sure enough, it was my former colleague's birthday yesterday, and she told me that going to the fairy festival was part of her birthday celebrations :-)

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, ohmyGod, I never even thought about glitter.

There's something about the idea of GROWN PEOPLE doing this shit that just creeps me out.

Evidently it's very popular among Kate's friends. :) (KIDDING, Kate!)

Heather said...

I just can't image adults running around just dying to get to the next fairy party. Very creepy!

I saw the commercial for the show and it portrays him as a jerk right from the start. I'm just not interested in that. I know too many jerks as it is, why would I want to watch another!