Monday, June 21, 2010

.... survey SAYS

Here's the vet's explanation (see the post below if you have no idea what I'm talking about):

1. There is a $12.00 "dosage fee" on all medications. Oh, please.

2. The extra cost for the Frontline is to pay for the vet's support if there's a problem. (Come ON.) Also, they buy their Frontline directly from the company, so you know you're not getting diluted product from China or something.

3. Animals metabolize medications much differently than people; thus, cats need a dose of benadryl equivalent to what you'd give a kid.

4. She hemmed and hawed over this one, but bottom line seems to be that the office gets paid to pimp for Frontline.

Sometimes I think I should find a new vet, but these guys were so good with Rocky I hate to give up on them.

The Runt continues to hold his own, with no new welts and much less digging, so we're going to wait and see if improvement continues. And now I'm getting the shit bit out of ME, so I think whatever was bothering him has transferred hosts. Excuse me while I go scratch ....

Oh, and Katie, the dishcloths are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!


Exador said...

Our vet agreed to match the price on Frontline that we could get online. Of course, they didn't say that until we told them we're getting online.

Domestic Kate said...

You're welcome! Feel free to post pictures of you washing some dishes! :-)

I'm glad the Runt is doing better, but now you're going to have to start taking his Benadryl :( As much as I always loved spring and early summer in NY, the allergies almost made it unbearable!

rockygrace said...

Ex, at least they agreed to match the price!

And Kate, I think a pic of me doing dishes could easily qualify as the next Freaky Friday.

Seriously, I think those damn dishes BREED in my sink - I have no idea how one person gets that many dishes dirty. Magic, I guess.

Oh! Maybe it's the GHOST using all the dishes! That's it - I'll blame him.

Anonymous said...

I heard that frontline will be OTC soon-I don't trust the mail order yet.
Couldn't get a straight answer from my vet on the frontline vs. advantage-he recommends frontline (safer for cats?) Now I wonder.

Heather said...

I find it funny that our new vet pimps frontline, while the old vet pimped the Advantage. I never buy any of it.

Glad to hear the Runt is getting better.

Now after reading the comments, I can't wait to see that Freaky Friday pic!!