Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yes, I WAS in a bit of a bad mood yesterday .....

..... could you tell?

The Runt was sick. He's always been a, well, rather conscientious groomer, but over the weekend it got to the point where he was literally licking his fur off and developing bald spots. And then he'd digdigdig at himself until he raised welts. He felt awful, and I felt awful for him, so obviously a trip the vet was in order.

And the lawn mower, which had been acting pissy all season, finally crapped the bed on Tuesday night and was at the shop for repairs.

It was just one of those days when all you can do is sigh and pull out the checkbook.

So when that jerk on the bicycle shit his pants over having to use his brakes (I didn't come anywhere NEAR to hitting him, I swear; he was all pissed off because he had to slow down for me), it was pretty much the last straw. Kind of like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, where he goes all medieval on people's asses.

Hey! Maybe they'll make a movie about me!

And maybe Julia Roberts will play me, just like in the Pioneer Woman movie! (Can you even believe that shit? Jeezus Christ.)

ANYhow, the vet seems to think The Runt has a case of flea allergy dermatitis (which I tend to disagree with, for various reasons, but hey, she's the vet) and she started him on Frontline and steroids. If that doesn't work, I'm to try hypo-allergenic cat food (oh dear Lord), and we go from there.

Poor cat. Although he DID manage to take down a mouse last night after we got home from the vet's, so he must not be feeling TOO poorly.


Fish Food said...

What's this about Pioneer Woman and Julia Roberts????

rockygrace said...

Okay, you know the Pioneer Woman website? The one with the nine million photos of the bassett hound? They're making a movie about her*, no shit, and Julia Roberts is going to play her.

It just kind of jerks my chain a little because she portrays herself as just this little ol' ranch wife, when in reality, she married into a millionaire family and she lives on this enormous spread.

And then she came out with the cookbook and got even richer and .... grrrrrrr.

*The woman, not the bassett hound.

Fish Food said...

Ijust don't get PW at all.

I also don't want this to sound like sour grapes, but what, really, is so fantastic about PW's blog that has attracted all this interest anyway? There must be thousands of people who live a more honest life that this, ie a real cattle ranchers wife, who home schools their kids, cooks and does all other stuff that needs done.

I could never understand why at least 100 people post comments per post; I certainly could never think of anything I'd want to comment on her blog that wasn't kind of plain ol' sarky.

After your post I found some stuff on the internet which I feel entirely supports your chain jerking; life, blogging, working for a living, home schooling one's kids and getting one's own film would be much easier if each and every one of us married into "part of a cattle ranching dynasty in Oklahoma"! You've got to admit, it's pretty handy!

Amd cook book? What for? Don't people know how to: a/ cook already, or b/ access her blog for the recipes, as and when necessary?

Apart from all that could be described as negative stuff up there I wish her all the luck in the world...

Fish Food said...

Gosh, sorry. That's a little rantish there.

rockygrace said...

Hee ... rant on, Fish Food!

I used to read PW, back when she had actual opinions and stuff, but then she got popular and dumbed down her blog for the masses, and now she writes about ... nothing.

Oh, and please wish The Runt luck - I talked to the vet today and she wants to see him tonight to see if he could have mites - she wants to do a "scraping", which I most assuredly do not want to be in the room for. Poor guy.

Heather said...

How aweful for the poor Runt! I bet it is painful and aggravating. I sure hope he gets better.

All of that in one day is enough to make anyone snap. Hope you get a reprive soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your cat. I just found out my dog (been chewng the fur off his legs) is allergic to grass-seriously!

rockygrace said...

Allergic to grass?! Whoa.

The Runt's mite test came back negative, but we are treating for mites anyway, because evidently they are crafty little buggers and don't always show up on the slide.

Oh! And let's talk about hypo-allergic cat food! Give me a minute and I'll put up a post.