Friday, June 18, 2010

Freaky Friday!

I know I've posted about Mr. Z before, but never for a Freaky Friday, so this totally counts.

Meet Mr. Z:

Mr. Z is a kid's-rocking-horse-on-springs thingie that I painted into a zebra. At the old place, I had him in the shade garden out back, but here at the new place, he's right out by the front door, so that all the passing neighbors can conjecture about the crazy lady with the weird shit in her garden.

Mr. Z is one cool dude.


Rob said...

Man,I thought you would have run out of "Freakies" after the first month, but you keep it coming! Really like where you placed the zebra ...

Heather said...

That really is awesome. I like how you want people to think you are a crazy lady!!