Wednesday, December 10, 2014


... oh, wait, I think it's for me.  Never mind.

Attempts at card creation continue, with Santa's little pains in the a** helpers assisting:

I guess cat-in-the-box was inevitable at some point - why should my guys be any different from cats worldwide?:

It's not too late to request a card, seeing as how card-making is limping along at a feeble pace.  Shoot me an email at rockycat24 AT yahoo DOT com if you want a late, cat-hair-coated card.  You know you want one.

Last weekend, Ponyboy decided he wanted to go along to help me pick out the Christmas tree:

And some of the cats just want to be under the tree.

The tree is up and the lights are on, but it's not decorated yet.  I'm not done shopping, I have yet to ship my packages, the cards are not done, and a very helpful friend reminded me on Facebook this morning that there are fifteen days until Christmas.  If everything gets done, it's gonna be a Christmas miracle.

Deck those halls!


spiffikins said...

wait, what, 10 days till Christmas?
gah - I JUST put the tree up :)

James P. said...

And speaking of your (multiple) Christmas miracles, is Callie still letting you pet her?

rockygrace said...

no no spiff, THIRTEEN days! Well, as of now, anyway.

and Ginny, "pet" would be a little strong of a word. "Touch" would be more accurate. She lets me touch her. Briefly. Oh, she's a tough nut, all right.