Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh my god is this a thing now? Please tell me that this isn't, like, a thing now ...

I was leafing through a Sears flyer this morning and came across this:

And I was all, "A onesie?  Is that model really wearing a onesie?"  But the flyer described it as a "printed jumpsuit".  Oh, okay.  That makes it okay then.  NOT.

And then I thought, well, maybe it's supposed to be pajamas.  Like that weird robe thing that was big a few years ago.  But the model is wearing shoes - why you would you wear shoes with your p.j.s? 

It was time to go online to the Sears site and do a little "jumpsuit" (their word, not mine) investigating.  Which is when I came across this:

Okay, so, she's wearing it outside, so I'm guessing they're not trying to market these as p.j.s?  But my God, that is one hideous ... article of clothing.  If she wasn't anorexic, there would definitely be some camel toe going on, there.  And why is Sears using an anorexic model?  Sears?  What is wrong with you, Sears?  And those sunglasses ... Mary Kate?  is that Mary Kate Olsen?  There is so much I do not understand in that picture.

I kept going.

Oh my God ... this has to be a joke, right?  A prank?

I just ... really?  REALLY?! 

And then I came across the piece de resistance.  I had NO idea there was a market for clothing for double-peg-legged pirates, but - VOILA!:

 Let's just ... ignore the double built-in peg legs for a moment, if we may, and look at the hands.  Look at the hands.  I guess this is a ... rear view?  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND OH PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Sears.  *shakes head sadly*  I don't get it.  AT ALL.


~~Silk said...

I don't understand, either. "They" bring them back about every 25-30 years, and they quickly die for the same reason every time - you have to get completely undressed (and chance dragging it all on the floor) to go to the bathroom. The only place you can comfortably (and that's an exaggeration) wear them is at home. There are no positives.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, ~~Silk, I was kind of wondering about the bathroom thing.

Domestic Kate said...

Yep, I see them called rompers. That's a thing now.

I admit that I once saw a young woman wearing a one-piece, shorts/tank romper and she looked adorable. Because she was all of 20 years old with a body to die for. But for the general population? Yeah, no.

I think what you're seeing in the bottom photo is a pair of harem pants with high heels (from the back). Not that it makes it any better, but there you go.

rockygrace said...

Kate, after spending way too much time looking at that pic, I think you're right on the harem pants/high heels. I prefer to think of it as a pirate costume. :)