Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dear Readers, She Took the Cats

In the end,  I decided I did not want to be involved in a pissing match over ownership of Callie and Bindi.  I knew that while conditions at her home were overcrowded to say the least, that Callie and Bindi would be well fed there and would be warm and out of the cold. They are feral and not particularly interested in human companionship; if they had been, I never would have let them go.

I had always worried about having unvaccinated cats in the house, especially with Ponyboy's immune system issues.  I had worried that if Callie or Bindi had become injured or ill, I would have no way to get them to the vet, outside of live-trapping them.  They had never been leuk-tested or vaccinated against leukemia, something that they could have picked up from one of the neighborhood cats and brought home to my cats.

To put it plainly, I was not sure that I was prepared to care for these two ferals for the next twenty years, or however long they would live.  

She was not willing to sign them over to the new rescue, and I was not willing to keep them  indefinitely in limbo as far as ownership went.  I made a judgement call.

I cannot help but feel that I threw those two ferals under the bus tonight, and feel free to judge me on that.  I just had to weigh the needs of my own cats, and future fosters, against the needs of these two, and in the end, I let them go.

I told  them not to take any crap from anybody.  I told them that they were tough cookies, and would be just fine  in their new home.  I told them that now they would be reunited with their brother and sister, who are living at that home.  I told them to not forget to write.

And  then I cried.


spiffikins said...

{hugs} - I think you weighed all the parts of the equation and made the best call you could. The fosters will be okay - like you said, they're tough chicas and will be warm and fed. And if they're in an environment where the cats are ruling the household, well, that sounds like a place they'd enjoy, honestly :)

the queen said...

I'm with spiffikins. Plus, perhaps we can hope she'll be eaten by cats.

rockygrace said...

In the end, I had to balance the needs of my permacats, and future fosters, against the needs of these two cats. I'm going to second-guess myself on this one for a long, long time, but I had to make a decision, and I did it.

bridgett said...

I think you made the right call.

rockygrace said...

Thanks, bridgett.