Monday, December 22, 2014

What am I even supposed to say to that? (Note: Don't worry, this post isn't about cats)

Okay, first off, this post is NOT ABOUT CATS, so be relieved.

So, I was at work this morning, and one of my jobs is receptionist, so my work area is by the front of the office.  Around eleven, a man walked through the front door, file folder in hand.

"Good morning," I said.  "Can I help you?"

"Wow, you look really tired," the man said.  "I'm here for a meeting  with (insert name here)."

Okay.  Um.  I wasn't tired,  not really, but I did look a little tired; I had noticed that myself when I had glanced in the mirror earlier.  I guess it comes with the territory of being older than dirt, and combine that with a Monday morning after a busy, lousy weekend, and yeah.   I looked tired.

"I ... uh ... feel okay," I told the man.  "I'll let (insert name here) know  you're here."

You know what?  I'm not sure that it's really appropriate to tell a total stranger, "you look really tired."  But maybe I'm being oversensitive?  I dunno.  What do you think?

Now maybe I'm wondering if I should have said, "I may look tired, but you sure look ugly."  Ha.


~~Silk said...

If someone sees you often, then it's ok to remark that you look tired, since that implies that you don't usually look tired, and the person is expressing concern. If they don't see you often, or especially if they have never seen you before, then saying you look tired may be a bit inappropriate.

Um, is everyone getting the same captcha I am -- where I just check a square claiming "I'm not a robot"?

Zella said...

I agree; I think it's rude to say to a complete stranger that they look tired....and frankly I think it *can* be a catty remark from someone you know too - I just feel it's an unnecessary comment...but maybe I'm overly sensitive ;)

Silk - yeah, I got the box too :-D

rockygrace said...

I just thought it was odd. Who SAYS that to someone they don't know? That dude, obviously. I'll bet he's a blast at parties.

And I have NO IDEA what is going on in Captcha land - Evidently they've gone to a new system.