Monday, December 01, 2014

Sunday in the Park with Rocky

Yesterday I had nine billion things to do, but the weather was warm (in the forties!  Holla!) so I headed for State Park.

Yeah, I was fairly confident that the beach would be closed:

and the lifeguard chairs have been stowed away:

and there may have been ice on the lakes:

But it was still a pretty day for a walk.

The cross-country skiers have taken over the golf course:

This oak tree wasn't ready to drop its leaves:

 A lot of the park pavilions were built by WPA workers in the thirties:

Check out this old fireplace - I think those picnic tables date from the thirties, too :)

 Save the ash trees!

 Well, look who's here:


She watched me for a while, then flipped her tail and left:

Watching from a safe distance:

Sunday in the park.  Not a bad day at all.