Tuesday, December 09, 2014

All I need is a torch to cut a hole in the floor to stick my feet through

I dropped off my car yesterday at the collision place, where the grievous injuries it suffered while bravely protecting a church parking lot full of people will be repaired.  Yes, I have decided that the narrative for this event will be that my car is a hero.  Medals/honorary ceremonies welcome.

So then I had to go get my rental, which is a Hyundai Accent, and may I just say that the ... quality difference between the Hyundai Accent and the Hyundai Elantra Touring (my hero car) is surprisingly wide.

While the Elantra is nice and roomy and solid, I am pretty sure that the Accent may actually weigh less than I do, which does not bode well in a week like this one, when we are supposed to get another foot of snow.  Oh, and I have not yet remembered to put my snow brush/ice scrapers/other accoutrements of living in the great Northeast into the Accent, which means I will be out in the office parking lot brushing the snow off with my arms this afternoon.  Good times!

I am fairly certain the the Accent's acceleration would only be improved if I stuck my feet out and pedaled, ala Fred Flintstone.  Also, judging by the noise generated upon ignition, I am pretty sure that the car is powered by hamsters.

But!   I will soldier on, until my valiant Elantra is returned to me, refreshed and ready to protect good church-goers everywhere.

I know that someday, they will be erecting statues in honor of my hero car.  I can hardly wait.


James P. said...

Not sure that Wilma and Betty were ever allowed to drive.......

Robyn said...

I have a Hyundai Accent, and GOD I HATE IT. I'm hoping to get a new car next year and am just white-knuckling it with this horrible, awful car for now.

I think a sewing machine has more power.

I HATE IT SO MUCH, in case I wasn't clear.

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I think they were. Remember when Wilma used to grab Fred's credit card, yell "Chaaaaaaaarge it!" and zoom to the mall? I'm pretty sure she drove there. God, I'm old.

and Robyn, you have my sympathies. Seriously. I was going up a hill this morning and I hit the gas and the car actually SLOWED DOWN. Yeah, that's not dangerous at all. Holy f*ck.

Becs said...

The Toyota dealer takes my Camry in for repair/maintenance and hands me a loaner of a Corolla. I have learned that cars have sizes like clothes and I am definitely NOT Corolla material. Good luck until you get your heroic car back.