Friday, January 25, 2013

The Nuclear Option

Remember the person who wronged me?   And how I plotted furious revenge, and then I decided to wait a bit, and then she got nervous, and then her husband got involved, and then I decided to wait a bit longer?

Well, I had a whole post ready to go about how I'd undergone a sea change, and I was really over the whole thing, and hell, I've got a thick skin, so while she had wounded me, no real lasting damage had been done, and I was ready to be the bigger person, and blah blah blah.

and then?

She twisted the shiv.

Evidently thinking that my silence meant I had decided not to act, this stupid, stupid person could not resist taking one last little dig at me.

And  now?

It's on.

All systems engaged, everything go, and man oh man is she going to regret this.

I tried to be the better man.  I really did.  But I failed.

And please forgive me;  it feels great.


Anonymous said...

You go, girl! I told you people like this need to be stopped and it's beyond time to do so :-)

rockygrace said...

Kris, I can't always be Melanie. Every once in a while, I've gotta be Scarlett.