Monday, January 28, 2013

Scruffles the Superstar

I volunteered at the adoption center yesterday. There were a few new cats there, including a cat named Scruffles.

Scruffles ended up in rescue care when her owner passed away, leaving behind fourteen cats.

Yep.  Fourteen.  Luckily, he had made some advance provisions with a sister, who is having all the cats vet-checked and is working to find places for them.

One of the rescues I am involved with was able to take three, and other area rescues are working to make room for the rest. 

And Scruffles?  Is gorgeous.

She's a five-year-old, long-haired tabby.  She is sweet and friendly and she started loving on me as soon as I opened her cage.  She has green eyes.  She let me put a harness and leash on her and walk her through the store

I've been volunteering there for over a year now, and she is the second cat,  out of hundreds who have passed through, who let me walk her on a leash.

Oh, Scruffles.

No, I won't be taking her home.  She won't have any problem finding a new home.  And while it's a common misconception that rescue workers "cherry-pick" the "best" pets, it really isn't true.  We end up with the rejects, the losers, the ones with medical problems, the ones who languish in rescue care for months.  We adopt the ones nobody else wants, because we know a little secret.

The losers make the best pets.

So, Superstar Scruffles will be going home with someone else.  I'm betting she's gone by the end of the week.  I sure will miss her.


Birdie said...

When my husband got his cat (Sheldon) from the rescue he was the oldest and blackest cat there. He had been there forever and nobody wanted him. And yes, he is a wonderful and loving cat. I have never met a cat that could be trained but Sheldon can do very basic commands. He is also loyal and devoted to my husband. He is like a dog!

rockygrace said...

Black cats are sweeties, that's for sure. My Sodapop squeaks when he wants attention. He sleeps curled up next to me at night. And he's a ferocious hunter - he brings me more mice than I can eat. *gag*