Friday, January 11, 2013

Hoo boy

What a day!

First thing this morning, my work computer crashed.  On a day when I had a lot of work to do on line.

I managed to hop on another computer, but still.  All of my files are on MY computer, so yeah.

And I was afraid to tell my boss my computer had crashed, because HE was having an awful day.  When I finally fessed up, he spent a couple of hours working on it before *I* finally figured out that it was the monitor that had tanked, not the hard drive.  Aye caramba.

I am STILL trying to locate the missing package that was sent to Texas on December 11.  Some progress was made, but man oh man oh man does the post office have its head up its ass.  Holy cow.

A co-worker and I spent spent half the damn afternoon trying to track down a mysterious meowing in my office building.  Tentative conclusion?  A stray cat has somehow managed to crawl up into a cantilevered crawlspace and can't get out.  Efforts to reach the cat from the inside of the building were unsuccessful.  Tomorrow morning, the landlord is going to start dismantling the exterior shell of the building in effort to free the cat.  Good luck, Mr. Gordon!  Good luck, cat!

On the bright side, the SECOND Christmas package I sent to Texas has reportedly arrived. 

Thank goodness it's Friday, is all I can say.

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rockygrace said...

And oh my God you guys, just to add a little finishing piquant touch to my day, guess what just came on TV?

An episode of Hoarders featuring a "retired ventriloquist". She's speaking through her puppets.

Hahahahahaha shoot me now.

Excuse me while I change the channel ...