Monday, January 21, 2013


On Saturday, before things went from "I feel a little queasy" to "Oh no oh no oh no", I made myself a Reuben sandwich for lunch.  Yum!  I put the leftover sauerkraut in the fridge.

It was Saturday night when things really went south, and by Sunday afternoon, when I shakily made my way out of bed and opened up the fridge to grab the diet Coke, well, I am pretty sure that the last thing on earth that I needed to smell right then was ...


Holy Mary Mother of God, that almost did me in.  I slammed the fridge door shut and leaned against it.  "Maybe it wasn't that bad," I thought.  "It's just my upset stomach that's making that sauerkraut smell so disgusting."

I turned around and cautiously cracked the fridge door open.


Yeah, it was that bad.

Now, I am in no way, shape or form blaming the sauerkraut for my intestinal distress.  I felt queasy when I woke up on Saturday morning, when the sauerkraut was not yet even on the horizon.

But that does not negate the fact that because I was sick, that sauerkraut smelled DISGUSTING, and I had to get it out of the house.

"Just ... just ... fling it out the back door," I thought.  But hell, even I'M not THAT white trash.

I finally steeled myself, opened the fridge again, grabbed the container of sauerkraut, and, trying desperately not to breathe, quick-stepped to the garbage can.  The OUTSIDE garbage can.  The one all the way out by the SHED.

*Whew*.  Crisis averted.  Except, sadly, I may never be able to eat a Reuben sandwich again.


Becs said...

After a bout with stomach flu, I went for at least a decade without eating pizza because that was the last thing I had before getting sick.

And yes, I think sauerkraut can make you sick just because it's sauerkraut. Although I do love me some Reuben sometimes.

rockygrace said...

Becs, yeah, it may take a while before sauerkraut makes an appearance at my house again.