Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Live blogging the plumber's visit!

Well, the water heater is shot.  I kind of figured - it's ten years old.

Price to replace it?  Six-twenty-five, including install, which is fair.

We'll see how much the toilet fix is.  It's been flushing fine since Monday, so I'm hopeful that he'll just snake the line and leave it at that.  hopehopehopehopehope

What was my guess?  Let me see ... $759.36.  Hmmm ...


Birdie said...


rockygrace said...

Six-twenty-five. Final price.

There wasn't any sales tax, which is 8% here in the great state of New York, because it counts as a capital improvement project.

And he flushed the toilet a couple of times, pronounced it fine, and didn't charge me anything.

I am a happy camper tonight.

Well, except for the whole catnip toy thing. (scroll up.)

p.s. Ponyboy's favorite toy is a shoelace from one of my hiking boots. CALL THE ANIMAL POLICE.