Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looks like "Hallelujah", by Leonard Cohen, is the new "'Amazing Grace"

And I'm cool with that.  

Amazing Grace got worn out with 9/11, and it's still been the go-to song ever since, any time a tragedy, major or minor, occurred.  Any time a memorial service got televised, look out.  Here comes Amazing Grace.  And if the bagpipes came out?  Yep.  Evidently, the bagpipes OWN Amazing Grace.

But now it looks like  "Hallelujah" is in the lead.  And I'm glad.  It's time for a new official Sorrow Song.

Like Amazing Grace, it's got a beautiful melody.  Unlike Amazing Grace, its lyrics are a little, well, PG.

But it's a pretty song.  And who can argue with the sentiment of the word Hallelujah?
Not me.

Just don't ever set it to bagpipes, please.


Domestic Kate said...

You're right--that song is popping up everywhere. The first time I ever heard it (and remembered hearing it) was on Shrek. I heard that Amazing Grace is as popular as it is because it's in the public domain, so everyone can use it to their heart's desire without having to pay anybody for the right to use it.

Birdie said...

My husband and I are going to see Leonard Cohen in March. And yes, it is a better song than Amazing Grace!

Becs said...

I am not an easy one to cry. But bring on the pipes just about any time but especially in "Amazing Grace" and I become an unsightly puddle on the floor..

You know what song was just screaming for bagpipes? A new one, I mean? "Some Nights" by FUN.

~~Silk said...

People hear "Hallelujah" and think it's some kind of religious paean, perhaps through tenuous association with the "Hallelujah Chorus"?

Um, isn't the song actually about something like an on-again off-again sexual relationship?

rockygrace said...

Kate, I wonder how much Leonard Cohen gets in royalities for "Hallelujah"? Just curious.

Birdie, I bet that'll be an interesting concert.

Becs, now I wanna hear the bagpipe version of "Some Nights". No, wait. No, I don't. But I understand that the bagpipes really do it for some people.

and ~~Silk, I'm not really sure WHAT the song is about. But with lines like, "And remember when I moved in you/The holy dove was moving too", I'm not really sure I wanna hear a chorus of schoolkids singing it ...

Becs said...

Close enough:

rockygrace said...

Okay, now my head hurts.

And yet somehow, I'm afraid that that sounded considerably better than it would have if "real" bagpipes were used.

It's okay, Becs. We all like what we like. :)