Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Okay, now I've heard EVERYthing

So, I was at the adoption center today, and it was pretty slow.  Which is fine, because it gives me time  to work with some of the cats who need extra attention, and all is cool.

And then an elderly couple came up, and started talking about their cats.  They have four.

And  let me say right here, I love that.  I LOVE that.  That is why I am there, to talk to people, and listen to their stories.  And view LOTS of cell phone photos. Ha.

And this couple started talking about their blind cat, who had recently passed away.

"Was it blind from birth?," I asked,  curious.

"Oh, no, no," the woman said.   "As he got older he developed cataracts.  But you know, he kept right on going outside."

"Excuse me?"  I said. "You had a blind cat who went outside?"

"Oh yes," she said, chuckling.  "He was a wild stray who never did want to be inside the house much, except to be fed, and once his vision started going, he still wanted to be outside.  If we didn't let him out, he'd hop up on one of our laps and pee on us! So we'd let him out, and you could watch him feeling his way around the yard.  He could feel the difference, of course, between the blacktop of the driveway and the grass of the lawn, and  he'd even venture out into the neighborhood,  before his vision went completely.  He passed away at home one night.   He was eighteen!  Gosh, I miss that cat."

Lady, I miss him too.  And I never even met him.

And now I've heard everything.


Birdie said...

This is about a dog but still cool.


rockygrace said...

Birdie, what a great story!