Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Choconut Creek

Today I put on my creek sneaks and walked the Choconut, the creek that ends up running through my backyard when it floods.

It was calm today.

Look who came across the creek to check me out:

He kept coming closer, and closer:

Until I finally clapped my hands to shoo him away. I think he thought I was his mama.

There were tadpoles:

And a heron, and kingfishers, and pileated woodpeckers, and a hawk who circled above me and voiced her displeasure at my presence:

And when I looked down after snapping pics of the hawk, there were minnows looking to snack on my sneaks:

And there was a deer jawbone:

I'm tellin' ya, the deer always find me. I wish I knew why.


James P. said...

EXCELLENT pictures of your adventure. But what the heck are the minnows thinking about your shoes??? Is it the color white? Ginny

Birdie said...

I love these pictures! Love them.

Maybe you are the deer whisperer.

James P. said...

But let's not whisper up any more pictures of decomposing deer, huh?

I was looking at the picture of the shoe-minnows again and noticing how they are all spaced just so from each other instead of clumped here and there. How weird.


rockygrace said...

If you stand there long enough, the minnows will start nibbling on your ankles. OMG, Zombie minnows! It kind of tickles.

Laura said...

That is the best photo ever taken of shoes.

rockygrace said...

I KNEW that someday I'd be famous for something ... thanks, Laura!