Monday, July 09, 2012

Salt Springs

Today I headed down to Salt Springs, one of my favorite places to walk. The toe I wanged up the other night is turning all kinds of colors, but I gingerly pulled on my hikers, and I was able to hit the trails, if a bit, well, tenderly. I've got some time off, dammit, and I'm gonna hike!

I started off meandering through the camping area, where I discovered this:


I love this kid-built stuff. An altar to the stone man. Awesome.

They call this the "Endless Mountains" region of Pennsylvania. I think it'd be more apt to call it the "Endless Hills", but still, it's damn pretty:

And then I went and got ice cream. Blackberry soft-serve. Helluva day.


Becs said...

Mmm, and a nice day for it. Blackberry soft serve sounds heavenly.

~~Silk said...

I was in high school when they had the contest to name the mountains. Our class submitted several names (although no one could figure out why they needed naming anyway). I don't know who chose "Endless Mountains", or why, but it struck all of us (and everyone else), as incredibly arrogant. Endless? Our submissions were more along the lines of "friendly" and "refreshing" sort of names. Worse, they aren't even real mountains. It's an eroded plateau.

The girl who won the contest (a rival school) was incredibly snotty about it. She acted like her name would go down in history.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, Becs, that ice cream was pretty good. Ha - I'm old enough that I ask for it in a cup instead of a cone - I guess that means I'm ANCIENT.

And ~~Silk, I love that story.

James P. said...

RockyGrace hiking song: Tune of the Happy Wanderer, but substitute "OW OUCH OW" for "Valderi, Valdera". Ginny

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I never knew that was the Tune of the Happy Wanderer. I just knew the "Valderi, Valdera, Valderi, ValderAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA" part.

Go figure.

James P. said...

Yeah, they made us sing it in grade school during "Music Time" in the 1950's. That's what is wrong with my generation of men....Boys had to sit there with hair slicked over to the side and shirts tucked way into their pants and sing non-guy songs or get into trouble with the music teacher.

rockygrace said...

Every generation of men gets messed up one way or another ... I came of age of the sixties. I think that messed with all of us.