Friday, July 13, 2012

Salt Springs Part 2

I went back to Salt Springs today. I went on Tuesday, and hiked several of the trails, but there was something nagging at me - I was afraid to climb the falls. It's kind of a tradition in that neck of the woods, to go to Salt Springs and climb the falls, and hell, I've seen entire families, including small children and dogs, do the falls, and so I decided that this was the year that I, despite my fear of heights and my utter klutziness, was gonna do it.

This was one of the three sets of falls to be climbed:

I'm going up:


ahahahahahaha I did it. I made it all the way up all the falls. Somebody, hand me a cookie.

Fireworks flowers:

People scratch their names onto the rocks underneath the running water:

Um ... "Crizabith"? Is that you?

Mr. Toad:

A calm spot in the gorge:

And here's a pretty picture. The sun was shining down through the gorge at just the right angle to illuminate the water:

Gosh, I love summer.


Zella said...

Lovely pics. You have inspired me to grab my camera and go out for a walk in my neck of the woods now !

rockygrace said...

Go for it!