Saturday, July 14, 2012

Choconut Creek, Part 2

Today I walked the lower part of Choconut Creek, down by where I used to live. As I may have mentioned previously, we haven't gotten any rain for a while:

Reminders of last year's flooding were plentiful, and prevented me from walking all the way to the river:

Crayfish skeletons looks like prehistoric aliens, don't they?:

There were raccoon prints in the mud:

And lots and lots of blackberries.


Domestic Kate said...

You guys are lucky to have wild blackberries. Around here, they wouldn't know a blackberry from a hole in the ground.

Becs said...

Oo, I hope you brought your picking bucket.

rockygrace said...

I always feel a little guilty eating the blackberries - like I'm taking them away from the birds or something - so I only eat a few. Ha! I'm a giant wuss.