Wednesday, July 04, 2012


The portable AC unit, which was supposed to arrive at my local Best Buy on June 28, finally showed up on July 2. Funny, I didn't know "covered wagon" was a shipping option.

I accidentally ate a piece of dry cat food the other day. Don't ask. It tastes just about how it looks.

I set the kiddie pool up in the backyard and when it gets hot enough, I wear my bikini and sit in the pool. It's all about comfort. I hope none of the neighbors sees me and, like, turns into a pillar of salt or something.

But! My kiddie pool sprung a leak last night! Oh no! I've gotta buy a new one, TODAY. Priorities, peeps.

I'm taking a break from fostering. I'll still be volunteering for the local rescue groups; I just won't have any fosters in my house for a little bit. I'm really, really close to burning out at this point, and I need a rest. Kittens are exHAUSTing, guys. For me, anyway. If I had a couple of little kids who could play with them and burn off some of their energy, it'd be a different story. My fosters went back to the FC's house, where they've got plenty of other kittens to keep them busy.

I always feel guilty when I have to renew library materials, and I don't know why. It's not like there's a line of people waiting to take out that three-month-old copy of GQ.

Yeah, I read men's magazines. I'll read just about anything.

I kept finding pieces of grilled food (chicken, sausage) by my back door. I was kind of dismayed, because I was afraid my cats were filching it from my neighbor L.'s grill, but when I went over to apologize and pay for what they'd taken, she told me that no, no, she'd been feeding the cats little tidbits left over from when she was done grilling. I'm glad she likes my cats, but I kind of wish she wouldn't feed them, but I'd be a total asshole if I asked her to stop ("Stop being nice to my cats!"), so I guess my cats will continue to feast on her leftovers. I wish she'd give some to me, actually. She used to bring me over dinner quite often, but then that whole pizza-allergy thing blew up on me, and now I don't get any more neighbor-food.

Oh, except for T., across the street. When the local supermarket has one of their buy-one-get-TWO-free deals, (usually on potato chips) sometimes she brings me over something. Thanks, T.!

I didn't put out any flags for the Fourth. For one thing, I'm working today and didn't have the time to do it last night, and for another ... well, I'm lame.

I saw a deer and a cat having a playdate in my yard the other morning. True story! I'll tell you about it soon ...


James P. said...

How does one "accidentally" eat a piece of dry cat food? Does it start something like, "HEY! Is that a Cheeto on the rug???"

rockygrace said...

Oh my goodness, Ginny, yes it does. Ha! I dropped a peanut on the kitchen floor, and I THOUGHT I bent down and picked it up and popped it in my mouth, all five-second-rule and all, except ... it wasn't the peanut that I picked up.

Needless to say, I'm never gonna win any housekeeping awards.

James P. said...

Can't you just patch the kiddie pool? If it's inflatable, it should have come with a patch, just in case.

Some person on crutches is working their way 12 blocks down to the library every single day to see whether you've returned the months-old copy of GQ, but don't you feel bad for a minute. They deserve it.

RE: the deer and cat playdate in the yard...I found a Youtube video of two juvenile (of course) foxes playing on someone's trampoline....and one of them was deliberately pouncing on it to make it move! What a riot.