Monday, July 02, 2012

Put on some damn pants!

Okay, so I'm sitting here watching Breaking Pointe, the reality series about a ballet company, and ... man, those men's tights don't leave anything to the imagination, do they?


James P. said...

That's why they are called men's tights, not men's looses. I have also been noticing that the football pants are getting clingier each year....which is pushing the limits of decency for us old broads when players bend over in the huddle. Jeez. Don't even get me started on the stuff the track and field people wear to run...not sure they have enough fabric to qualify as clothing. Is there really that much payoff in increased speed while the audience is looking at half your rump??? (Why, back in MY day, blah blah blah...!!) Ginny

Anonymous said...

And yet basketball went from short shorts in the late 70s to culottes - go figure.


James P. said...

I noticed that too! And the boxing shorts are flapping like boat sails in the wind too. And, no, I am not a boxing fan, but I live with one.....Ginny

rockygrace said...

I wonder why the b-ball players stopped wearing the short-shorts? and, ha, "culottes" - snort. Good one, Kris!

And Ginny, I'm with you. Sometimes it's best if a little's left to the imagination. Sheesh.