Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Craigslist is making me lose my faith in humanity

Please note: I have copied these ads directly from Craigslist. All spelling errors are property of the original lister.

"i have 3 kittens about half growed dunno how old they are one is a female calico the other 2 are boys one is a lighter tigger stripped the other one is pure black they all like to play and very cuddly when they wanna be TEX OR E MAIL ONLY no calls dont want the kids to over hear me tlkiung about the kittens 607 279 9901 they are FREEEEEEEE"

Okay, so she has THREE cats whom she has decided she no longer wants. No reason ... evidently she's just sick of them. Even though they are her cats, she doesn't know how old they are, other than they're "half growed" ... and she doesn't want her kids to find out she's getting rid of them. You, madam, are a real sweetheart. That's why I included your phone number when I copied your ad. *cough*

And next:

"I own a 3 year old spayed female grey calico named Daisy who is very affectionate, sweet, loving, and good with children. She is used to living with one other cat and has lived with dogs in the past, however we recently brought in a new female cat and she is reacting badly. She won't eat and won't come downstairs to use the litter. We decided it would be best for her to find a new, calmer home. She is indoors and up to date with shots. We aren't asking a rehoming fee, but will reserve the right to say no, as we really want her to go to a good home. She would be fine with one male cat or one dog, or one of each, I'm sure. Please email with interest."

I don't even know where to start with that one. Suffice it to say, it drew the attention of some of the local rescue groups, and there is quite a lively conversation going on right now on both Craigslist and Facebook about this particular shining example of humanity, mainly speculating on whether she has kids, and if she got rid of the older ones when she had a baby.

Oh, Craigslist. *sigh*

Oh! And on another note, a local rescue group is trying to find a home for a nineteen-year-old cat. She is in good health. Her owner is elderly and can no longer care for her. If you know of anyone in the upstate New York area who has a quiet home for a cat to live out her years, please let me know.


Birdie said...

# 1 - This person should not be allowed to have cats or children.

#2 - So many things about this one but a "rehoming fee"? Are you kidding me? You can't give older cats away and she thinks that she is being a good person because she just wants that cat to go to a good home. Pathetic.

I hope all of these cats find good loving cat people to love them forever.

Becs said...

Oh, how I wish I could bring in the 19 year old! But I think the Gang of Six here, despite their own advanced years, could be too intimidating.

rockygrace said...

Birdie, I just don't understand people. And these kinds of ads are on Craigslist every day.

and Becs, I know! I actually thought about taking her myself. I don't know how well she'd do with my three-boys-under-the-age-of-two, though, but I don't know how anybody can hear that story and not want to scoop her up and give her a home.