Friday, July 24, 2009


The attorney's office just called - we have a new closing date. NEXT THURSDAY.

Dudes, I am actually going to own. a. home. This one, to be exact:

And yeah, I know I've put these pics up before, but tough. I am so excited! Look at the size of this yard:

I think I'm actually more excited about the yard than I am about the house itself. The cats are going to loooovvve that yard. I am going to garden my butt off in that yard. That's MY yard. Holy shit! New home, here we come!


3carnations said...

It looks beautiful! Congrats!

Would you consider commenting on my last post? I could win $100 if I get enough comments! :-) Thanks.

rockygrace said...

Thanks for the congrats, 3! I'm just a leeetle bit excited - can you tell?

And sure, I'll head on over to your place.

Kerri said...

That is just the cutest house! I'm so happy for you! All yours! Home sweet home! You earned it. Happy Homeownership, or whatever it's called.

listie said...

Congratulations! I can see you doing some serious gardening in that yard.

rockygrace said...

Thanks, guys!

FART!! said...

That looks gorgeous!!!!!!! The garden looks HUGE... I am so jealous! Good luck in your new house!