Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How much do you pay for garbage service?

I'm just curious, because for service at the new place, one local garbage company quoted me $18.90 a month, and a national company quoted me $15.30 a month, to put one 30-gallon can of garbage a week out to the curb. That's four bucks to put one lousy little can of garbage out to the curb.

What the *&%?!??

On the other hand, the city in which I work uses a by-the-bag system. You buy special city bags at the grocery store, fill them up, and put them out to the curb for collection by city workers. Each bag holds about twenty gallons.

Guess how much the city charges per bag?

Sixty-three cents.

It looks like I'll be buying the city bags, taking them home, filling them up, and bringing them to work to put out to the curb. Because I'm sure as shit not paying FOUR BUCKS A CAN to get rid of my garbage. But now I'm curious: How much do you pay for garbage service?


Bridgett said...

It's rolled into my city taxes -- I pay for it with street repair, emergency services, recycling, tree and snow removal, park maintenance, and the salary guy who drives the truck around to water the flower baskets on the utility poles in the summer.

My mom pays 15 a month for three toothless guys to drive by in a high-sider pickup truck and make her trash disappear to the other side of the mountain. She used to get a good Christian widder's discount, but now that she has been known to entertain men in her house overnight, the rate went back up because she's not as much of a Christian as they hoped. She says the sex is worth an extra three dollars a month on her garbage bill.

rockygrace said...

I'd pay an extra three bucks a month for sex! As long as I didn't have to do it with the garbagemen.

listie said...

We pay $2 a bag if we haul it ourselves (which we do).

~~Silk said...

I pay a special reduced rate of $22 a month (about half to a third of what my neighbors pay) because I produce so little garbage. They provided a 50 gal. container, and I take it to the end of the driveway about once every 4-5 weeks. I can take it to the recycle center on Saturdays, when there's a garbage truck there, and they charge $8+ for a regular black bag, or $3 for a little white kitchen bag.

The cost is high because there are no dumps or landfills anywhere nearby, and those that do exist charge exorbitant amounts and are very strict as to what they'll take.

The result is garbage bags bursting on the sides of the roads, thrown out of car windows in the middle of the night.