Monday, July 13, 2009

Resting comfortably

Friday night, I picked up The Runt at the vet's. The digital x-rays, while fascinating (you could even see the gas bubbles in his intestines) revealed no abnormalities, so he was good to go. The vet's best guess is that he ate something (bird, chipmunk, mouse) that was diseased, and the bad meat made him sick.

Friday night and Saturday morning, he was fine, and then Saturday afternoon he crashed again; I think he'd just had a little bit too much at that point. Yesterday and this morning he was doing well; now I've just got to get him fattened up. He was skinny to begin with, and this episode brought more weight loss. He won't touch the special prescription canned stuff the vet sent us home with (of course he won't; the damned stuff costs over a buck a can!), but he is eating his regular food, and he continues to snarf down cat treats like a champ.

Now if I can just get him to lay off the wildlife. The cats' latest playtime fun is catch-and-release with grackles; they'll catch them, carry them around for a while like a stuffed toy, and then drop them so they go flying off. I can't even imagine how these guys are getting ahold of full-sized grackles, but hopefully the birds will wise up soon.


inflammatory writ said...

Does the Runt puke a lot? It's possible he has IBD. Did the vet bring that up? I have a skinny pukey cat and he has IBD. He just gets a steroid pill in a pill pocket every other day and he's doing just fine.

rockygrace said...

IBD .... is that Irritable Bowel Disease?

The Runt did puke a couple of times the day he got sick .... If he keeps it up, I'll ask the vet. Thanks for the heads up!