Monday, July 20, 2009

The Upstate New York Sunday Night Weather Rule

The Upstate New York Sunday Night Weather Rule holds that the weather can be absolutely sucky all weekend long; cloudy, rainy, cold, whatever; but late on Sunday afternoon, around five o'clock or so, when everybody's given up the weekend for a lost cause and we're all mentally preparing to start another work week, the clouds will part and the sun will shine and the temp will rise about twenty degrees.

I remember my Dad teaching me this rule when I was a kid, and it still holds true.

It's especially true if you've been out of town someplace "fun" all weekend. The clouds part about the time you've got to pack up the car.


Anonymous said...

This would explain a lot of my trips to get ice cream on Sunday evenings.

Bridgett said...

It was pretty here all weekend long. It rained on Friday night, but cleared off by Saturday morning and then was great for our barbeque in the afternoon. It was so nice on Sunday that I painted the porch and steps (which was really tempting the fates, I admit, but it's rained so much lately that I haven't been able to get the paint down with a four-hour window of drying time...)

You went somewhere fun? Do tell!

rockygrace said...

Ice cream, yummmm.......

And Bridget, congrats on the nice weather - at least SOMEBODY got some!

Oh, and the trip was just to Ithaca - no great shakes, but at least I got out of town a leetle bit.