Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dear Staples Office Supply Store:

Dear Staples:

Imagine my surprise when I stopped by after work last night to pick up some copy paper for the office and discovered that ...... well ....... you no longer sell copy paper.

It's true! After killing off the local competitors and outlasting Office Depot, you are now the ONLY office supply store in the area, and you have made the decision to STOP SELLING COPY PAPER.

The cashier advised me that she was taking a lot of sh*t for this decision that was made by corporate, and I believe her. She said they were still selling the "higher quality", i.e., more expensive, copy paper in the stores, just not the regular, everyday stuff. She told me that I would need to go online to order regular, everyday copy paper from now on, and there's just one little problem with that:

I'm sure that mine is not the only office where nobody realizes we're out of copy paper, until we're OUT OF COPY PAPER. You know how it goes: The copier starts flashing the "paper out" indicator, so you open up the cabinet to grab another ream, and ....... whoops! We're out of copy paper. Cue Staples run.

In other words, when I go to Staples for copy paper, I need copy paper right now. I do not have time to order online and wait two days for delivery.

So! Last night I ended up at Walmart. Where they sell copy paper. The cheap stuff. By the case. You know, the stuff my office uses. Thanks, Walmart!

Dear Staples: You suck.


3carnations said...

No paper at the office supply store, Brilliant. Easy button my foot.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, you know where they can stick their Easy Button .....

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised in the least, but it sucks nonetheless, and it's made worse by the fact that we consumers made it possible. The office supply place in Owego closed not long before we left--I'm pretty sure they sold copy paper, but now all the peeps in Owego have to go to some chain store for their office needs. Lame.