Thursday, July 30, 2009

Regrets .... I've seen a few .....

After looking at houses at the "top of the bottom" for several months, I can tell you one thing: I never want to see a set of train tracks again in my life.

Or garbage-filled lots:

Or warped walls:

Ummm... could somebody yell "Fire!"?:

Yeah, they really should've fixed that roof leak:

Let's not forget the Basements of Doom:

And remember all those great views?:

There were the crazy owners:

Although I have to give that woman props. She had to be pushing 70, yet she was still rocking the short-shorts, pantyhose, and hooker heels. Woot!

I will alway have a soft spot for the Lion King:

And now, today, six months later, the journey comes to an end. I'll kind of miss looking at all the crap houses; it kept me entertained all winter and spring. Good luck finding a buyer, all you poorly-constructed, poorly-maintained, poorly-located, poorly-decorated houses! Remember, everybody's gotta live somewhere!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you persisted and finally found your house after getting through that lot of disasters!

I can't believe those shoes!!!!!

Good luck in your new house!

rockygrace said...

Doncha love those stacked heels? I can't believe she made it up the stairs in those things.