Thursday, July 16, 2009

A few minutes with Andy Rooney

How many people work on The Pioneer Woman's blog? Seriously, there is no way one home-schooling mother of four is putting that thing together. I want to know how many people it takes to put that sucker up.

What is up with the fruit flies in my kitchen? Holy mother of God, I made the mistake of bringing THREE bananas into the house last week, and now my kitchen looks like a biology lab. And the annoying thing is, they don't seem to actually EAT anything, they just, well ..... hover. How the hell do I get rid of the little bastards?

I think Dooce's fifteen minutes are over. Once your second book comes out and you've got your husband working full-time on your blog (paging Jon Gosselin!), I don't think you can pretend that you're just a cute little mommyblogger anymore. And this week she's cranking up the latest spawn's birth story, which ....... no. For the love of God, Dooce, no.

It's mid-July, and the high temp this weekend is supposed to be 73. I haven't turned on my AC once this year, and I am not happy about that.

Anybody have anything to add? Anything driving you crazy lately? Feel free to chime in!


Bridgett said...

Fruit flies -- suck them up with your vacuum cleaner hose. (Cue PETA outrage, but it works.) Throw the bananas away and without any host, they'll die or vamoose.

I am digging not having to run the AC. The money we save on electricity will be money that we can rebudget towards gasoline. Plus I have gotten a lot of work done in the yard that otherwise would have languished because it was too damn hot.

And from "reports of the wrongheaded" -- I am going to the minor league baseball game tonight specifically to get the Michelle Obama bobblehead, which is an object that is in such bad taste that it's pretty inconceivable that they can get away with it. (I missed the David Paterson bobblehead giveaway for some reason, but you know that ordinarily, I'd be all over that too. I am, after all, the person who proudly displays my wildly inappropriate "alligator with snowglobe for a stomach digesting surfers on a teeterboard" so nothing in the plastic tacky line is out of bounds.)

rockygrace said...

Heck, the vacuum cleaner is more PETA-friendly than what I was trying last night; namely, spraying down the kitchen with Raid.

And I'd love to know where you got that gator!

kitkat said...

Right now, I'm complaining about how hot is today at 72 :) Seriously, I hate AC, and I never had it in NY and dreaded those 2 weeks in July/August when it was just miserable.

I'd also like to complain about Harry Potter, but this is the last movie/book, right? So, the hysteria is winding down I hope?

listie said...

homemade fruit fly trap: put a little apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a glass - or a piece of apple - or a piece of banana - whatever. Cover the glass with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Poke a hole (larger than a fruit fly) in the top. The stupid little bastards go in but can't seem to find their way out. If you use vinegar they drown. Serves them right.

rockygrace said...

Kitkat - Personally I never bought into the whole Harry Potter thing, so I guess I'll never know what all the fuss is about.

And Listie, I tried the vinegar and it worked! But now I'm afraid that in addition to killing the ones I already have, I'm attracting new ones with the "bait". Any thoughts?

listie said...

I only seem to catch the ones already in the house. I usually keep a trap on the kitchen windowsill all summer and don't attract swarms of them. Do a scientific study for a week and see if you are decreasing or increasing the population in your kitchen.

Exador said...

Up until the last couple of days, it's been in the mid 90's here in GA. Brutal-hot.

rockygrace said...

Honestly, Listie, I do not know if I could put up with these things for another week - they're skeeving me out, big time. I guess I'll disassemble the vinegar trap and see if they go away, now that I eighty-sixed the bananas that started the whole thing.

And Ex, I'll take a mid-90s over a 73, any day. I think I'm living in the wrong place.