Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Under Pressure

So! On Friday night, after discovering that I had eight weeks to find a house I liked, make an offer, have the offer accepted, go through closing, and move, I looked at some houses.

I found one that I liked, but told my realtor (hereinafter referred to as Judas) that I would have to have my structural guy (i.e., my boss) take a look at it before I would make any offer at all.

On Saturday, my boss and I went out and did a thorough inspection. I was ready to make an offer; however, there was going to be an Open House on Sunday, and I decided to wait and see if any offers came in via the Open House before I put in my own bid, as I could not afford to go in at the full listing price.

On Sunday I spied on the Open House. I parked down the street and watched to see how many people showed up. There were plenty of people, but only a couple who stayed long enough to show any real interest in the place. So when Judas (my realtor) called the listing agent on Monday morning and the listing agent told him they'd had "plenty of offers", we knew it was probably bullshit, and I went in low.

The sellers countered my offer. I countered back. We may have a deal. My heart may stop.

Oh, and see all that baby shrubbery in front of the house? When I looked at it on Friday night, that planting area was full of huge, dead bushes. When I went back on Saturday, the landscaper was pulling out of the driveway, and Voila! Brand new baby shrubbery.


Bridgett said...

Somebody watched "Curb Appeal"! This looks like a lovely snug house.

listie said...

What Bridgett said.

and brick = no painting, except for trim