Friday, June 19, 2009

The Runt Takes Dumps

..... right in the middle of the front yard, in front of passersby and any neighbors who may be outside at the time. Any other cat I've ever had has chosen to do their bizness out of sight of people, but not The Runt. He marches right to the middle of the front yard, like he's getting ready to give a freakin' speech or something, and goes to town. Actually, I was kind of hoping he'd do it when the Little League parade passed by a couple of months ago, because I think it'd be really funny to watch a bunch of little boys laugh themselves silly over a cat taking a dump in plain view.

The other night I was rinsing out a bucket with the garden hose, and discovered that The Runt loooooves to chase the hose water around. If you put a finger over the water to make it squirt really far, he'll chase that spray around all day long. And he doesn't even bitch when he accidentally gets squirted right in the head - he just shakes it off and keeps chasing.

Oh, and his other current favorite toy is a bag of rocks. That's right. I discovered this when I was hauling stuff out to the yard for the big sale and dropped a zip-lock baggie with some jewelry in it. He pick that sucker up in his mouth and carried it around, then batted it back and forth, then laid on it and rolled around. So I took another zip-lock and put some little pieces of gravel in it for weight, and that's his new favorite toy. I think he thinks it's some kind of weird mouse or something.

I don't begin to pretend to understand this cat, but I think he's pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I love that he looks like he's going to give a speech. I've had cats who once in a while would do that and then they paw around trying to cover it up--dummy, it's on the grass! There's no hiding that!

Currently, my cats' favorite toy is a ponytail holder I got free with something else I bought. It's really thick, so they can't chew through it/eat it (which my girl kitty is prone to doing with rubber bands), but they can get their claws in it. It's like kids (so I've heard)--you buy them the expensive toys and they'd rather have the box.

rockygrace said...

Oh, I hear ya - The Runt and Little Girl would both rather play with a piece of string than their pricey cat toys, any day.