Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've spent more time agonizing over a hangnail

So! I admit it, I watched last night's Very Special Episode of Jon & Kate + Eight, wherein Jon and Kate reveal that they're divorcing. BIG surprise there, eh?

And Kate's going on and on about the breakdown of the marriage, and she said something like, "and I had half a day where I let myself fall apart and hyperventilate", and then she got a good night's sleep and decided to get a divorce.

And I thought, oh honey, I've spent half a day falling apart and hyperventilating over a CAR REPAIR, and that's all you could spare for dissolution of your marriage?

But anyway, what's really driving me crazy about the show is all the product placement. First it was Emeril, then it was those motorcycle dudes, which honestly, I did not watch much of either of those episodes, because I do not like Emeril OR the motorcycle dudes, and last night it was the flippin' goddamn playhouses, which if anyone had said "Crazy House" or whatever the hell they were called ONE MORE TIME my head would have exploded. I would lovelovelove to know how much those playhouses actually cost, because I'll bet they're pretty pricey. And those kids got FOUR. Then again, Mom and Dad are splitting up, so it's time to haul out the really EXPENSIVE toys. Paid for by the show, of course. And I'm sure the Crazy House people gave them a bit fat discount, seeing as how their product was mentioned about every three seconds during last night's show.

Oh! And Kate's outfit when she was on the Loveseat of Confession? Did anyone besides me think it was a little inappropriate to wear a push-up, strapless top to emphasize the boobage? No? Just me? Okay then.

Frankly, I always leaned a little bit toward Jon's side. But after last night, I think they're BOTH kind of self-absorbed jerks. I just feel for those poor kids.


Bridgett said...

This is a litmus test, I think. The women in my life that I find excruciating are all on Team Kate. The women I like used to sympathize with Jon and now are mostly concerned with the kids and the fact that the nation is obsessed with the marital problems of two jerks like this. (Mark Sanford, you're saving us...)

Anonymous said...

I think they're BOTH kind of self-absorbed jerks

Right, well, two people who decide that having 8 copies of themselves running around probably tend to be this way. The kids might stand a chance now, assuming that the show won't go on (please tell me they aren't going to follow a now-divorced couple). Kids can survive divorce, but a lot of kids cannot survive television.