Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Two months

I quit smoking two months ago today.

Honestly, there are STILL some moments when I want a cigarette more than anything else in the world. This past week, especially, has not been kind to my stop-smoking efforts. However, I persevere. The last time I smoked a cigarette was on April 2.

Number of cigarettes I would have smoked between then and now, had I still been smoking: 1800.

Amount of money saved to date: $321.00.

Not having to worry that my "quit date" will be the day my doctor tells me I have lung cancer: Priceless.


Bridgett said...

Awesome! Congratulations. This summer is going to smell and taste so much different to you...after a couple of months, quitting smoking is like getting a new head.

rockygrace said...

Oddly enough, I contracted the tonsillitis (that almost landed me in the hospital) several weeks AFTER quitting - if this is the new head, I don't like it very much! :) Hopefully, that was the last of the nastiness working its way out of me.

the queen said...

On behalf of my dead smoker dad, zudos to you. It was so hard for him he died from lung cancer, still smoking.

rockygrace said...

My dad smoked up until the week before he died. Of cancer. He's been gone for ten years now.