Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A little unsolicited advice

I was talking to a contractor a while back about getting a written estimate of the repair costs for Moldy House. So that I could, you know, GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT DEAL OMFG. And I offered to email the inspection report to the contractor, and I asked him for his email address, and he started spelling it out, a letter at a time, you know, "J like in Jeep", and this was his email address:


(add @blahblah.blah) (blogger keeps trying to make this into an ACTUAL email address, with a link and everything - cut it OUT, blogger!)

His email address is, basically, "johnsluvr".

And my first thought was, ewwwwwwwwww. TMI! TMI!

I don't care if this dude is gay. I really, really don't. I was just, um, unnerved that he would use an email address like that for his professional work.

I mean, the email address that I use for this blog, rockycat24, is kind of silly. I made it up on the spur of the moment, in a hurry, and really, it's just a blog email, so who cares?

But my work email address is totally boring and professional, which is as it should be, in my humble opinion. I mean, if I have to ask a big client to email some info to me, I don't want to have to ask him to send it to loves2drinkshots at blahblah.blah.

First off, I don't even like drinking shots. Blech. And second, what kind of an impression does it give when your work email is something totally ridiculous and way too revealing?

It gives the impression that you're not a professional. Which is NOT the look you're going for.

Disclaimer: I may be just a tad over-reacting here, but at the time I was dealing with this dude, I was FREAKING OUT about the (old, failed) house deal, and the realtor's assistant was being a pain in the ass, and now I have to deal with some dude whose work email is johnsluvr? Nooooo.


Bridgett said...

Oh yes. I want to have this talk with students about their Hotmail addys as well. I can see if you are all about the hooking up and you want guys to respond to mail from "hotwetsxygrl" at whatever or if you want the ladies to know that you are an "allniteplaya" (both real live examples from last semester), but do you really think your professor -- who, not incidentally, is on your ass for your poor study habits and already thinks you screw around too much and work too little -- wants to know that about you? Really not. Be joyously expressive about your sexuality over there, but put on a cover-up when you're out of the pool (so's to speak).

rockygrace said...

And it takes, like, .02 seconds to set up a new email account - it's not like you only get one!

Anonymous said...

I agree about students! My students have no shame about their email addresses.

Maybe this guy's main focus in on plumbing (you know, toilets?). I imagine what probably happened was that this guy's girlfriend/wife set up an email account, and he, the not-computer-savvy contractor, just thought he'd use her account. If he was gay, he probably wouldn't be so obvious about it--not from what I know of that area anyway.

rockygrace said...

You'd think someone would clue him in .......

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should be the one to tell him that it's not the most professional email address in the world. I also realized that my theory about the girlfriend/wife only works if his name is John :)

rockygrace said...

His name was Andy, and the name in the email address was Ken (not John). 'Nuff said.