Monday, June 15, 2009

Notes from a yard sale

Wear sunscreen. When the weatherman calls for cloudy skies and possible showers, HE IS LYING. And you will wake up the next morning looking like a lobster.

Nobody buys record albums. Or books. Or framed frickin' photography, even when you are selling it for less than they could buy the damned FRAME for. Oh, the indignity.

People WILL buy useless knick-knacks and assorted crap. By the boatload. I could've sold twenty times the amount of Disney World souvenirs, decks of playing cards, and opened packages of generic greeting cards (I'm not even kidding here) that I had on hand.

When you have only sold a few Breyer's horse models, and the day's half over, and someone comes along and offers to buy the entire remaining lot, thank your lucky stars and grab the cash.

If you don't have any "big ticket" items, i.e., furniture, electronics, etc., it is still possible to make over a hundred bucks. One knick-knack at a time.

If you sell a Dane Cook* CD to a kid who looks to be about 10, tell him not to tell his mom where he got it.

There are a lot of really strange people out there. Who drive cars. Frankly, I was a little surprised that some of these people had driver's licenses.

And people will try to bargain you down, no matter how ridiculously low the price already is. If you're asking twenty-five cents for a skirt with the tags still on it? They'll ask if you'll take a dime. Sheesh.

All in all, it's not a bad way to spend a day. Just be prepared to load up your car with the remains of the crap and haul it to the thrift store afterwards. And forget about selling those old record albums.

*No, I do not like Dane Cook - someone gave me the CD. Honest.


Bridgett said...

The problem is that everyone who might have bought your albums already owns the same dinged-up dog-eared copy of Hot Rocks that we all bought at roughly the same time. I got rid of most of my vinyl during the great "cash for diapers" financial free fall of my late graduate school experience. I had a couple of nice rare ones but the market is very soft for things like Freeze Frame by the J. Geils Band. (Graduation present from high school...honest.)

Sounds like it was time well spent, except for the sunburn.

rockygrace said...

I've got that J. Geils album!! Wanna buy it? Cheap? Oh wait, you already have it.