Friday, June 26, 2009

Supersize Me

So, I went to McDonald's for lunch yesterday as a special treat*. And yes, I know EXACTLY what it says about me that I consider McDonald's a "treat". Put it this way, until I quit smoking, I considered a cigarette a "treat", as well. I know, I KNOW.

So! I ordered a burger, and fries, and because I noticed a sign stating that all size sodas were a buck, I ordered a large, natch.

And that soda was huge. HUUUUUUGE. I actually went back to the office and showed my soda around, saying, "Look how big this freakin' soda is! I have to hold it with both hands!" Yeah, like THAT wasn't annoying. And I'm sure my co-workers were all, like, "what, she's never gone to McDonald's before?" Sorry to make you cringe, guys. I don't get out much.

But ANYWAY, I ordered a diet soda, cause I always drink diet soda. But if that had been a regular soda, I can't even imagine how many calories it would have had in it. Like, some unreal percentage of your recommended daily calories, I'm sure. I'll bet that soda, had it been non-diet, would have had as many calories in it as the burger and fries combined.

And that's why everybody's fat. The end.

*and I was "treating" myself because something pretty awesome may have happened yesterday morning. I can't really talk about it yet, lest I jinx it, but it may be pretty damn cool. Yay!


Bridgett said...

I took my kid to McDonalds (call the mommy cops! Child abuse!) because it was freakin' hot and I didn't want to cook. She gets to go about twice a year and it's a huge deal when we go. So, we order the Extra Value Meal and get the Coke glasses (which she is also crazy about) and get the most awesomely huge set of french fries (each would serve a family of three at my house) and cups that I've ever seen. I couldn't possibly give a ten-year-old that much fluid even if I wanted to soak her in high fructose corn syrup. We wound up only filling them up a third of the way and splitting one carton of the fries. The other fries wound up in the garbage. It was wasteful, and I could have eaten more, but I didn't want/need to.

Soda (and the stuffing every food you can think of with corn syrup) is a big part of the obesity puzzle.

rockygrace said...

I saw this special on Appalachia a while back that explained that one of the reasons why all the poor people's teeth were rotting out of their heads was because of the ungodly amount of Mountain Dew they consumed.*

So they end up fat and toothless. Good times.

*Yes, I know that sentence is a grammatical monstrosity. I'm just too lazy to clean it up. Sorry.

Bridgett said...

I suppose it never occurred to the documentarian to look in the phone book and see how many dentists there were within a fifty-mile range, whether the dentists that were available had evening and weekend hours, whether they had sliding scale plans for indigent people, whether the people he interviewed had any dental insurance...

The Appalachian South is one of the most medically under-served spots in the US, second only to Indian reservations. It ain't all the Mountain Dew.

And then there is the meth problem, which also makes one's teef fall out.

rockygrace said...

Oh, I agree with you, Bridgett, that these people cannot afford to see a dentist, even if one's available. I should know - I went twenty years without going. Although that was more from being a chickenshit than from lack of funds.

I also think they need to put down the Mountain Dew, for Pete's sake. And pick up a toothbrush once in a while. And stay away from the meth, of course. Always a good plan.

inflammatory writ said...

I try to explain to people all the time that it's not what we eat so much as how much we eat. Craziness. I'm always astonished when I go to the movies and get a "child size" popcorn and it's massive.

Those large portion sizes are hurting me now that all my willpower is being used not to smoke. Thanks for your comment btw...and no, NEVER AGAIN AM I GOING THROUGH THIS.