Friday, June 05, 2009

I will gladly pay you Tuesday .....

.......for a hamburger today.

I had to go fill out the mortgage info yesterday for the new house. And my mortgage dude, whom I love, was going through the various financing options with me. He showed me an option whereby I would put 4K less down, pay $17.00 more a month, and take the 4K and sock it back into the mortgage once I closed, thereby shortening the life of the mortgage by four years.

And I know it probably made sense, and I know I probably should have done it, but you know what? I just didn't feel comfortable with it, I did not want to pay an extra seventeen bucks a month, and I turned it down.

Yeah, there's a reason I didn't go into accounting.

Oh, and on my way there, the driver's window in the car decided to stop working. Woot!

Oh! Oh! And did you know that when you apply for an FHA mortgage, they run your name past the Department of Homeland Security to make sure you're not on the terrorist watch list? No shit. Which makes me wonder how that asshat down south managed to get all those weapons before he showed up at the recruiting center and opened fire. I mean, he MUST have been on the list, right? And yet he got the guns anyway.

So, now I've done my part. Time to let the moneylenders get to work. And I sure hope that they hurry.


Exador said...

I remember having to sign a document stating that "that" really was my signature.

rockygrace said...

So you were signing something to prove your signature? Hmmm.....