Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It costs HOW MUCH for flood insurance?!?!

Holy shit, you guys. A THOUSAND BUCKS A YEAR for flippin' flood insurance.

I got that number and then I died.

And then I remembered that I pay, like, eight hundred bucks a year for car insurance, so what's the big deal, right?

And then I was all, like, WHY am I paying eight hundred bucks a year to insure a paid-off, nine-year-old car?!

So then I was on the phone to my insurance agent for, like, the nine BILLIONTH time in the last couple of weeks, getting my car insurance reduced.

And then I called some other agents to get some competing prices on the flood insurance.

And everybody's talking about "flood vents", and how they can reduce your premium, but I guess these vents are actually kind of mythical, like unicorns, because everybody's heard of them, but no one's actually, you know, SEEN one, or knows how to install one, or knows anyone who might know how to install one, or ....... and all the agents are, like, "go to the FEMA website", and I'm all, like, "F*ck you! YOU go to the FEMA website, you lazy sonofabitch!" Yeah, not really, just in my head.

Holy shit, dudes.

Updated to add: Why yes, yes I DO know how to use google, you wiseasses. The problem was finding the exact technical specs for the vents, to meet both NFIP and local/State codes. I finally called my insurance agent AGAIN (come on, Ed, you know you love me!), and he is going to get ahold of what the underwriters use to determine which vents meet requirements.

This is hard! Waaaaaa.

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Bridgett said...

I wonder when it will dawn on smartass insurance agents that while you're on Google, you can easily look up another insurance agent who might provide you with more competent and friendly service. (Especially since you are looking to insure something big like a house...)