Saturday, May 30, 2009

I don't know why; I don't understand .....

...... why they sold me down the river.

Last night, I had to stop at my realtor's office to sign a release in order to get back my $1,000.00 deposit on the failed Tharp St. deal. My realtor came down the hall and said, "We've got to talk." Oh, crap, I thought, and said, "What's up?"

Here's the story - The apartment building that I live in has been up for sale for over a year, and my realtor, the one who is showing me houses, is the listing agent for the apartment building. I knew that when I called this realtor and asked him to show me houses; as a matter of fact, he asked if I wanted to buy the apartment building. (Um, no.)

A few weeks ago, when I had put in an offer on Tharp St., he had a potential buyer for the apartment building who was looking for an owner-occupy; i.e., she wanted to buy the building, live in one of the units,and rent out the others.

"That's perfect!", my realtor told her. "I happen to know that one of the tenants in this building is moving out, and you can take over her apartment!"

You can see where this is going, right? The Tharp St. deal fell through disastrously, the potential buyer bought the apartment building, and in a few days I am going to be receiving an eviction notice informing me that as of August 1, I have no place to live.

What. A. Week.


Danger said...

Oh NO! You have my sympathies.

Bridgett said...

Fuck. So, at least you don't have to feel obligated to weed.

I'm trying to find a bright side. Bright side is? Time to change realtors -- this person appears not to have your interests at heart. That's good to know and may help to explain some things. Another bright side is that you were going to have to pare down and box up before the house move. Now you can do that and leave the non-essentials boxed so that you get surprised when you move into the house and ta-da, suddenly get this neat familiar stuff when you open that forgotten box. A third bright side, if you can move somewhere closer to work for this short-term move, you can save a bunch on gas. It's supposed to be climbing up past $3 a gallon again this summer. Finally, it's a bright side that you have 60 days to prepare for it. Sometimes you get booted in deals like that with less than a week.

But mainly, fuck. It's a sucky thing and it seems like the suck things always happen to good people.

rockygrace said...

The thing is, there don't seem to be any short-term rentals around here - everything around here that isn't an absolute, total shithole is on long-term lease. And almost no place, no matter how awful, will take pets.


Bridgett said...

Have you looked on Craig's List?

listie said...

Wow; that sucks. Sorry.

rockygrace said...

Craig's list, frankly, scares me. I know that beggars can't be choosers, but honestly, I am just not trusting enough of a soul for Craig's list, although, who knows? It might come to that.

I am putting in an offer on a house this afternoon, and there are another few I want to look at.

Just keep moving forward ...... Hey, worse comes to worst, I can always sleep on the office couch. Me and the cats.

kitkat said...

I second Craigslist. It's not like you have to go on a date! You just go and look at their houses. Take a friend if you don't feel safe going to a stranger's property to look.

Also, maybe you can play upon the sympathies of your realtor (although I'm convinced they have no human emotion given my recent fiasco) and ask him if he has any sellers who might be willing to rent since he basically sold you out of your current place.

rockygrace said...

Kitkat! How's your trip going?

I may have a deal in the works; I've got my fingers crossed.