Tuesday, May 26, 2009

..... survey SAYS! ......

....... Ear infection, which had miraculously started to clear itself up, but not before inviting my tonsils (tonsillitis) along to the party, along with some nearby lymph nodes. Oh, and there's possibly a smattering of strep, because, well .... WHY THE HELL NOT, while we're at it? Although the official strep results won't be in for a day or two.

And the doctor was very nice, even though he wasn't my usual doctor and only crammed me into his schedule out of pity. And he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics, and when I told him that taking Advil at two to three times (what can I say? it HURTS) the recommended dose wasn't really denting the pain, he also gave me a prescription for Vicodin.

And I've never had Vicodin before, so I didn't understand until reading the label (in the Wal-Mart parking lot, natch, 'cause I am KLASSAY) that Vicodin is actually Hydrocodone, and, wait a minute ........ isn't Hydrocodone the stuff that all the trailer-trash gets hooked on?

Great ....... I'm about to become a drug addict. HALP!

Although I guess I'm not all that far from trailer trash already, being that I was dosing myself IN THE WAL-MART PARKING LOT. Hey, I've waited four f*cking days for a little relief, and I wasn't going to wait one minute longer, not if I could help it. Trailer park, here I come.


the queen said...

No, no, hon. Oxycontin is what they get hooked on. Hydrocone is crap. It didn't even make Mom feel better, much less end her suffering.

Bridgett said...

Vicodin is what House is hooked on. It knocks me on my butt, but I'm a drug lightweight.

Kerri said...

You don't watch House, do you? Now is a good time to start! lol