Tuesday, May 19, 2009

...... and Texas steps up to the plate

My awesome sister Texas has stepped into the big steaming pile of mess described below and suggested that Ditzy explore other financial recourse before raiding Mom's money.

And when I got a second email today from Alabama, suggesting that Texas and/or I call Ditzy (who has yet to be bothered to directly contact either of us) and discuss her options with her, well, I lost it just a little and replied to the email thusly:

"Wait a minute - I have heard absolutely nothing from Ditzy herself on this matter, and now I am supposed to call her and give her financial advice?!

She's a big girl - instead of raiding Mom's money, every penny of which Mom may end up needing, I suggest she discuss financial options with her banker and/or financial advisor.I find it interesting that, according to your earlier email, her boyfriend broke up with her just last weekend, and all of a sudden she's dead broke?! And somehow it's Mom's responsibility to bail her out and buy her a car?

I think not."

Oooooooh, now my life is starting to imitate my blog entries ...... wait a minute ........ I don't think it's supposed to work that way ........

Anyway, Texas, you rock! And I have a funny feeling that the family reunion planned for this summer may turn out to be really unpleasant - you may want to skip this one.


Anonymous said...

I think Alabama just volunteered herself for lending Ditzy the money.

I'm telling you: family and finances don't mix. It's going to be better for everyone if each adult member of the family takes care of him/herself. No resentment, no arguments, and definitely no treating still-alive mom like a bank.

rockygrace said...

kitkat, you are SO right. What amazes me is that Alabama is quite well off and could easily give Ditzy the five grand - I guess it's just easier to give someone ELSE'S money away.